Teamsters Local 399 Hollywood
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(A) The minimum monthly dues of this organization shall be calculated on the basis of the formula set forth in Article X, Section 3(d), or higher if voted upon by the members in accordance with these Bylaws and the International Constitution. In no event shall monthly dues be less than the minimum established in the International Constitution.

(1) Dues of this Local shall be payable quarterly with the quarters starting: January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1. Any member failing to pay dues on or before the last business day of the first month of any quarter shall automatically be fined $20.00. Any member failing to pay dues on or before the last business day of the second month of any quarter, shall be fined an additional $20.00.

(B) Initiation fees for membership in this organization shall be $1560.00 for motion picture (excluding Associate Casting Directors, and 20th Century Props); $650.00 for other drivers and other motion picture classifications; $260.00 for all other employees including Courier Drivers. Provided, however, that such Initiation Fee may be waived or reduced in connection with the organization of unorganized employees at the discretion of the Local Union Executive Board.

(C) Reinitiation fees shall remain at old rates $1200.00, $500.00, and $200.00 same as the previous initiation fees.

(D) Any member who shall be three months in arrears in the payment of dues, fines, assessments, or other charges, shall automatically stand suspended at the end of the third month and shall not be entitled to any rights or privileges of membership. Any member who has been automatically suspended for failure to pay dues and other charges shall be under a continuing obligation to pay dues during the period of his suspension. Upon payment of the delinquent dues and reinitiation fee, the member shall be restored to good standing status. However, payment of dues shall not restore good standing status if fines and other charges due are not paid. The Local Union Executive Board shall have the power to waive, or reduce on a non-discriminatory basis, the payment of delinquent dues, assessments and/or reinitiation fees.

(E) General or Special assessments and levies may be made from time to time in the manner provided hereinafter.

(F) Members, in addition to their membership dues shall pay such amounts for group insurance, death benefits, life insurance, supplemental or administrative dues, etc., as may be specified from time to time by the membership in accordance with these Bylaws.

(G) Any increase in the rate of dues or initiation fees or the levying of any general or special assessment by the Local Union shall be made at a general or special membership meeting in accordance with the following procedures:

(1) Reasonable notice shall be given of the meeting at which the membership will consider the question of whether or not such dues, initiation, or reinstatement fees, general or special assessment shall be increased or levied. The notice shall indicate that a proposed increase or assessment is to be voted on.

(2) At the meeting called as provided in this Section, voting shall be by secret ballot of the members in good standing.

(3) A majority vote by secret ballot of the members in good standing voting at such meeting shall decide the issue.

(4) This provision supersedes Section 29 (Amendments) with respect to changing the dues and fees set forth in these Bylaws.

(5) Nothing contained in Section 18(G) of these Bylaws shall preclude the Local Union Executive board in the exercise of its discretion, from directing that a membership vote on issues involving dues, fees, or assessments be conducted by mail ballot referendum after appropriate notice and with safeguards for preserving the secrecy of the balloting.
[Note: The members cannot waive the requirement that secret ballot votes be conducted to approve these financial transactions.)